Developing Appropriate Economic Strategies

Alf H. Walle


Indigenous people and ethnic minorities face economic and social pressures that potentially disturb the social order, undercut cooperation, and spawn distrust. Such pressures can threaten prosperity, peace, and security for all. Strategies are needed that help distinctive groups gain parity, self-determinism, and sustainability. Supplementing neoclassical economic models with more socially relevant paradigms (such as substantive economic anthropology and the triple bottom line) are means of doing so. Regions ethnic groups are showcased to demonstrate to value of such an approach.

Keywords: Indigenous people, ethnic minorities, Berber, Kurds, Kuchi, Triple Bottom Line, anomie, cultural stress, mitigation, neoclassical economics, substantive economics.

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Walle, Alf H. (2009) In 2009 Alf H. Walle, one of the authors lived in Barrow, Alaska and personally witnessed the events discussed.

Walle, Alf H. (2005-2008) Alf H. Walle is a state certified substance abuse counselor with significant experience working with Alaska Native clients.

As such, he has had numerous conversations regarding the use of elders and native healers within the context of Native ther


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